Sunday, June 12, 2011

15 Months

15 months
 I cannot believe it--honestly, how did this happen?

 I am the momma to a 15 month old little boy!

 He is perfect in every way, so incredibly smart and witty, and already has the sweetest heart.

 He is full of life and joy and curiosity.

 He makes my days perfect when he grabs both sides of my face with his capable little hands and plants a big wet one on me.

 I love that when we ask him where is belly is, he lifts his shirt well up over his head, and stick his little finger right into his belly button.

 I love that as soon as the camera comes out, and we ask him to "say cheese,"  he knows right away to crinkle up his big blue eyes, and flash his charming, toothy smile.

 I love his obsession with pointing out everything in the house, then repeating me as I spout out the names of everything his inquisitive little mind can think to point out.

 Ball, light, da-da, ma-ma, pa-pa, dog, ber-ber (the cat), book, hi, and bye-bye are all in his vocabulary.

 Moo, meow, arf, quack, hiss, grrrr, baa, and roar are all the cute little animal sounds he can make.

 His little head shakes "no" when he doesn't want something (like when we asked if he wanted a little brother or sister anytime soon. :)).

 His arms assume the universal shrug for "where is it" or "I don't know" when we look for things.

 His tall, slim self is constantly compelled to climb everything, jump over anything, and eat just about anything.

 He is a talking machine, and a ham to boot (definitely a miniature James).

 He loves to investigate and talk to other babies and kids.

 He already loves to give things to everyone--I hope he retains that through life.

 He still has an enormous love for books and bouncy balls. :)

 It is such a joy and privilege to be able to raise a child.

 It is, at times, overwhelming to think that I am responsible for teaching him about life.

 It is my responsibility to teach him how to be a respectable citizen of the world.

 It is my responsibility to teach him about loving others.

 It is my responsibility, most importantly, to teach him about Jesus.

 Once again, I am just in awe of God's grace.

 And once again, I count myself most blessed.

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