Friday, January 27, 2012

the {first half} of the week in pictures

So, I started this post on Monday. That means it's only taken me all week to get the thing finished. Bare with me. I may only have one little, but he's a busy one!

good gracious, he's handsome, right? we couldn't resist the amazing weather--65 degrees in January!

reading (The Grinch)--one of his favorite things! I hope he continues to love books as he grows.

typical boy (sorry for the blurriness-I couldn't resist)

sawyer hanging out with uncle jason while I got me some ellie time.

this is the first flower that Sawyer picked for me. he pulled it right up, handed it to me, and said, "flower, mommy." my goodness, how my heart swooned!

ok, now here come some photos from a real camera (aka: not the iphone). ha!

coloring and cheerios--perfect combination.

you can only kinda tell here, but he was picking up his cheerios using the tip of his crayon. who needs a spoon when you have a pointy crayon?

hey woman, what are you looking at?

Eat then color. Eat then color.

here, you color, mommy!

So, pictures, as promised. Only a week late.

And please excuse my  lack of non-focused photo taking ability. That's why I have a photographer husband, right?

Hope you have a lovely Friday!

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  1. Oh my gosh, he MELTS my heart! Such a precious (not to mention precocious) little fellow! I love the crayon as a cheerio-picker-upper. Spear then then eat ... pretty primal!

    (Oh yeah, and the pic with Jason? PERFECT!) :)