Friday, February 17, 2012

Last Week

And here's what was up last week:

Apparently, Sawyer ate paper.

I made Venison Chili.

(sorry for the terrible flash lighting)
Sawyer doing one of his favorites-reading

Then little man stole the photo album, a "pow pow" was given, and that's where the week's photo's ended. 

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  1. Oh LOL!!! Kim, I just go through my blogroll in the morning and click on them all to read them in new tabs ... not really paying attention to what's coming up. When I finish reading/commenting on one, I delete the tab and my next blog to be read moves into its spot. I had not paid attention that your blog was in the lineup and was *completely* caught off guard to see a Sawyer picture ... my mind raced for a second, trying to figure out when I'd posted that picture and who exactly had copied it without asking me, and where in the world did that picture come from?! LOL! He ate paper Monday night, too. Fiber, right?! He's such a darling, darling, darling little guy! Love you! :)