Friday, June 1, 2012

Sawyer: 2 years and {almost} 3 months

(this was originally written about two weeks ago. Also, blogger is stinking it up, so my apologies if it looks all weird) This last year has flown by! I'm afraid that if I don't at least post some currents about Sawyer's life, I'll forget all about it by next year. So, here's what's up in little man's life:

 -Weight/ height: at you 2 year doctor appointment back in mid-march, you were about 35 inches and just under 30 lbs (chunk)
 -Your hair is still blonde, but it seems to be getting a little darker these days--you have little darker patches
 -Your eyes are still the most vivid blue, and your dark eyelashes make them stand out even more. I get stopped all the time where ever we go by people commenting on how beautiful your eyes are.
 -You wear size 2T clothes and size 7 shoe.
 -You are about as rambunctious as they come--100% boy and 100% two year old. You love to run and jump and dance and climb and shout and sing all.the.time. Most of the time it's great, but there are times when I wished you liked to sit still a little more. :)
 -You are excellent at verbal communication. You have an extensive vocabulary and you use it often. You even know the names of some dinosaurs. You know the entire upper case alphabet (visually and verbally), although we are currently working on recognizing all the lower case letters and the sounds of the letters. You can also count to twelve, sing-spell your name, and you can recognize circle, oval, star, heart, and sometimes rectangle. You are working on your colors and favor blue. I am so proud of you for loving learning already. I really hope you continue!
-One of your favorite things to do is read. Daddy and I often find you sitting in your room "reading" a book, and you ask us to read stories to you all the time. I love it!
 -You are a snuggler and Daddy and I love it! You don't like to sleep in the bed with us (and haven't since you were a tiny baby), though. You think is play time. :)
 -You are still sleeping from 7pm to 7am, although lately you ave been getting up around 6:30. You are still taking an afternoon nap from 1pm to about 3:30-4pm. That nap seems to be shortening more and more, though.
 -You are an excellent eater. You love all kinds of fruits, vegetables, and meats. The only things you aren't really fond of are pasta, soups, and rice. I think it's a consistency thing. Your new thing is to ask for sandwiches for everything. You love pb&j's. You still drink a cup of milk with breakfast and dinner (2%) and have half juice/half water (or just water) for the rest of te day.
 -You are getting really good about walking with Daddy and me while we're out and about. I still feel like I need a leash for you sometimes--you like to dash when I least expect it.
 -You had your second trip to the beach this month. We went with Aunt Jocelyn, Uncle Jason, and Ellie. You loved the "big sandbox" and "big water." You did really good on the trips up and down (with one little melt down at the beginning of the trip back).
-You've finally started to like to pray--ha! We still have to keep about a two foot distance from you (or else you like to swat us in the face), but you put your hands together and repeat everything we pray. You will even pray by yourself after we've prayed. It is just precious. -You have a new buddy--our dog, Bear. At only 10 weeks, he's already about as big as you. You have a love hate relationship with him. You hate when he tries to nip you (typical puppy), but you love to roll all over him and play fetch with him. I think it will be good practice for you for future siblings.
-which brings me to my next update: you've got a little brother or sister on the way! We've all known since the second half of February, but I think this will be my first time blogging about it. Your sibling should be here at the end of October. We talk with you about it a lot, but I'm not sure you've grasped the entire concept. For instance, when I ask where the baby is, you first point to my belly (or a random body part), then say that he bay is in your belly. Ha! I think you will be an excellent big brother! We are all so excited!
It is such a blessing to have to have you as our son! You are so full of life and joy and it is impossible to be unthankful around you. Your mommy and daddy love you immensely!

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  1. Gracious, I can hardly believe how fast he's grown and how grown *up* he is! Such a super-smart little fellow. I love him dearly!!!! :)