Tuesday, June 5, 2012

He is my joy

After a mostly sleepless night, I woke up to a very, very stinky smell.

Our dog, who is about 12 weeks old and has been an outside dog for the past three weeks, had been given a bath last night and allowed to stay inside. He did great for the almost five hours preceding bedtime. No accidents at all. Unfortunately, that was not the case when I woke up this morning. There were eight gross, stinky poops in our kitchen where we kept the dog for the night (but no pee! Ha!). Have I mentioned I'm pregnant? And while morning sickness is mostly absent, it likes to show up when stinky smells and early mornings collide.

About a millisecond after I discovered the poopy crime scene, Sawyer decided it was time to wake up. Thankfully, James jumped to the rescue. He let the dog out, got Sawyer up, changed him, and kept him occupied while I cleaned up the mess in the kitchen (mopping the floor three times over should never happen before 7am).

Needless to say, it wasnt the best start to the day.

But I had my husband and my little man with me to start the day. And Jesus changed my heart to be a little more like His this morning. And I am counting it all joy to have been able to clean up all that poop with my two working hands and legs, to have been able to stay home and do five loads of laundry and scrub toilets, to be able to do fun crafts and learning activities with my incredibly active two year old, to feel a little life jumping around inside of me, and to have been able to kiss my husband when he walked though the door.

I am one blessed wife and mom. And I'm so thankful Jesus is my joy.


  1. Oh Kim, bless your heart! I hate you had to wake up to that. Next time, you should occupy Sawyer and let James take care of the doggie poop! :)